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Looking to join in taking DCCNM to the next level? 

Committees are always in need of volunteers


  • Fundraising Committee

    • BOD currently are all on this committee we are always looking for people who have fundraising experience, grant writing skills, organizational skills. 

  • Apartment Building Focus Group

    • Lisa McNiven - Chair

  • Community Events

    • Jerry Griego - Chair​

    • Jesus Sanchez

  • Website

    • Sally Schwartz

Community Representative Groups

To be a Community representative your group may be Deaf/DeafBlind/Hard-of-Hearing and Hearing non-profit or club that has a connection to the Deaf community 

  • Deaf Indian Club

    • ​James Wooden Legs

  • Deaf Senior Citizens of Greater Albuquerque

    • Toni Edison

  • Hearing Loss Association of American

    • ​ Vacant

  • New Mexico Association of the Deaf

    • Vacant

  • New Mexico Deaf Camp & Outdoors

    • Susan Haley

  • New Mexico Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

    • Vacant

  • Zia Deaf-Blind Association of New Mexico

    • Richard Cole


DCCNM Committees

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