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DCCNM Community

Meet our Board members.

Think about joining the board or a committee.  

We have 1 year commitments. 

Here is your organizations ability to collaborate with DCCNM.  Here is a list of various organizations that send a representative to our general meetings.  This is how we can stay connected and collaborate with events and fundraising activities. 

Come join us!

The Deaf community thrives on social events.  Send us your event for review and posting on our site.  

If your event will be in English, please reach out and obtain ASL interpreters to provide effective access. 

Click here for us to submit your event.

Thank you!

You will find a variety of services here.  

If you have more resources that you would like to see added please let us know with a quick email.

 Click here for us to review your submission.

Thank you!


The Deaf language is a visual language. Therefore we will be posting video blogs with transcripts.  

If you have something you would like to share please  Click here for us to review your video submission.

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